How to Reset Router Username & Password

192.168.l.254: If you are using the router with the IP address “” and finding difficulty in resetting the default Username and Password, then this post would be helpful for you indeed. It will provide you the step by step guide on How to Reset Router Username and Password.

The router or modem is the device that connects the computer system with internet connectivity via LAN cable or Wi-Fi technology. But, many times you will find it difficult to reset the router username and password. Although it is not a rocket science to change the default username and password of the router, if you are not a tech savvy person, then the below guide on How to reset Router Username and Password can help you accomplish your task with ease.

How to Reset Router Username & Password:

Basically, is the default gateway to access the control panel or the dashboard of the router for necessary changes in router settings. Every modem or router has their default IP address and Username and Password which is set by the manufacturing company. But, it is quite easy to Reset Router Username and Password by following few simple steps mentioned below.

Step One – Default Username and Password

As already mentioned, all routers and modems come with default username and password. The username and password is the same for all routers. However, there are few brands of the router where there is no username. Most of the routers come with “admin” as their username and “password” as the password.

Step Two – Check User Manual

You should always check the user manual that comes along with the router. The manual comprises the IP address of the router, username, and password. The default IP address for most of the router is, but for some routers, the IP address may be different. You need to type the default IP address of the router on the web browser to access the dashboard to Reset the Router Username and Password.

Step Three – TCP Software for Getting IP Address of Router

If you have misplaced the user manual and don’t know the IP address of the router, then you can get it through TCP software. Open the prompt command window and type “config” command. Just below the “Default Gateway” you will see the IP address of the router that is connected to the PC. To open the prompt command you need to press the “Windows” and “R” key together. For Linux, press “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “T” keys together. For Mac users, they need to go to Applications>Utilities>Terminal and type the “IP config” and click the “Return” key to get the IP Address.

Step Four – Reset the Username and Password

Suppose you have changed the login credentials of the router and have forgotten the credentials then you can Reset the Username and Password of the router and restore the credentials to default settings. To restore the credentials to the default settings you need to press the “Reset” button on the router for few seconds. If you reset the settings and login credentials of the router, then all the settings and changes made in the settings will be deleted and the username and password will also be reset to the default username and password.

The Final Thought:

So, now you have revealed the process to Reset Router Username and Password and hopefully, you can reset it with ease. For any queries and technical help related to your router, you can contact the technical team of the router manufacturer and get required assistance from them and they may also guide you to reset the router to its default settings.

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