Wireless Router Setup and Configuration?

Wi-Fi, also called wireless fidelity, is a technology that enables connection of electronic devices like laptops, computers, tablets etc. to a wireless LAN Network that enables us to access the web. Having a wireless network at home or office is commonplace nowadays. While the internet has become a means of communication, imagining our lives without our personal gadgets is also quite difficult!

If you are one avid internet user, you must be aware of wireless routers or at least would have encountered them in your daily life. While routers act as gateways to allow web connection over a network, handling then could be quite tricky especially if you are unaware of basics or information required to handle it. Wireless Router Setup and Configuration?

To start off, you must be aware of your routers IP Address! There can be cases when you are not able to connect to your router and are feeling all helpless. Well, to help you out resolving the problem we offer a step by step guide on how to access router setup settings like a pro!

Getting familiar with Router Basics!

Every device connected to the internet has a unique address that is used to identify its presence over the web. This is called an IP address. Let us suppose, we are at home with 4-5 computers connected to the wireless network. For each and every computer to share information or facilitate communication, an IP address is required.

  • It is the router responsible for the designation of IP addresses to devices which are connected to a network, thus, making it an important part of your wireless network.
  • On the other hand, a modem allows internet connection only for a single computer. This is again due to its nature of being able to deliver a single IP address. For scenarios where multiple devices need to be connected, a router is required.

Unaware of your router’s IP Address?

  • Open up a command prompt from your computer connected to the wireless network. Now type “IP config” and simply press enter.
  • This command will enable a list of all the possible connections that your PC is having at the moment. Now search out for the default gateway information in the list, this would correspond to your router’s IP Address

Why am I not able to access

Connecting to router settings involves establishing a connection with your computer and then launching in a web browser. Once done with this, types in the IP address of the router followed by HTTP:// at the address URL bar and press enter.

If everything is smooth, you will be navigated to router’s login page, otherwise, you might come across a browser problem saying “cannot establish access to router”! Dealing with the problem is easy, all you need is to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open “START” menu from the computer followed by entering RUN to open up the command prompt.
  • Once the cmd window gets opened, ping and waits to watch the result. There would be two possibilities, if cmd return a reply from that means the network is ok, however, if the request time goes out, this means connection with the router could not be established.

A Router’s setup page is a place where the admin is allowed to do a change in the default settings. One can open up the wireless settings to change the default username or password or to view the router details and configuration related information. Resetting the router might be required in case you have lost the password or there is some serious hardware error.

What could be the reasons for Connection Failure?

  • There could be a possibility that your device i.e. computer’s TCP/IP configuration is not properly done.
  • At times, router settings interfere with the modem setting causing a network connection failure thereby preventing access to the router.
  • Router setting also cannot be accessed in case of a proxy setup within the browser. Moreover, TCP/IP settings can disturb when there are multiple network cards in the computer leading to connection failure.

There used to be old times when manual router setup was daunting and could not be thought of doing all by yourself! Accessing routers has become way easy in the present scenario owing g to their prebuilt capability of being Wi-Fi enabled. Nowadays, most routers come with a sticker intact that contains important details such as username, password, and the IP address.

In case you are still facing problems with accessing router settings, you can always contact your Internet service, provider. They would send in their network specialist or engineer to help you resolve the problems. However, a little knowledge and following step by step instruction would let you overcome these issues unless there is some serious network glitch within the network! Hope this guide helps you out well in need! Have a great surfing experience!

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